1. The Fisher House is “a home away from home,” providing a comfortable, safe environment where families can come together to provide support to one another. The Fisher House is located on the West Palm Beach VA Healthcare System property and is available to families who meet eligibility criteria while they support a Veteran’s and Active Duty Service members inpatient receiving medical care..

2. The Fisher House provides temporary accommodations to families and Caregivers of hospitalized Veterans or Active Duty Service members. Families must meet the following eligibility requirements:

· 50 mile to the VA Medical Center

· Family member/caregiver of Veteran inpatient

· Actively engaged in the hospitalized Veteran/Service member’s treatment

· Medically stable and capable of self-care (or be accompanied by a caregiver); the Fisher House is not a clinical setting

· Independent and able to live in a communal setting

· Living in permanent, stable housing (guests cannot be homeless)

· Abides by the Fisher House Guest Agreement and all house rules

3. Families of Veterans should contact their Primary Care Social Worker for a referral to the Fisher House. Once the referral is received, Fisher House staff will call the family member to screen them for eligibility. If a room is available, a reservation will be made; if a room is not available, the family will be put on a waiting list and updated by the Fisher House staff once a room becomes available.

4. Active Duty Service members should contact the Fisher House Manager for availability. Please do not contact until 2 weeks prior to expected arrival or need for accommodations.

5. There is never a fee for eligible families who receive a reservation. Eligibility to remain at the Fisher House is dependent on the Veteran’s inpatient status. Once a Veterans is discharged from the Medical Center, the family must check out of the Fisher House.


The Fisher House provides temporary overnight accommodations to visiting families and Caregivers of hospitalized Veterans or Active Duty Service members; and for Veterans or Active Duty Service members undergoing an extended outpatient episode of care if accompanied by a family member or Caregiver. The Fisher House has 8 private suites. Families will share a common kitchen, laundry room, dining room and living room.

In order to receive accommodations in West Palm Beach Fisher House, an individual must:

  • Be actively involved in the care of a Veteran or Active Duty Service member hospitalized in a VA or hospitalized in a Community hospital in which VA is coordinating or funding the admission. Active duty Service members whose child or spouse are being treated at a medical facility.

  • Be medically stable and capable of self-care or be accompanied by an individual able to provide the necessary care. VA does not provide nursing or other medical care in WPB Fisher House.

  • Be required to travel 50 or more miles from their home to the VA medical facility. Exceptions to these distance or time provisions may be made based on exceptional circumstances, such as inclement weather, road conditions, or the mode of transportation used.

  • Be able to stay in an unsupervised setting.

  • Decisions concerning Fisher House accommodations are to be made by the VA medical facility’s Fisher House Manager. If space is unavailable, referrals to the Fisher House must be submitted by the health care team to the Fisher House Program Manager for approval. Room reservations are based on eligibility and availability. Approvals will be sent electronically so the health care team can follow-up with the Veteran’s family.

  • All house guests must abide by the Fisher House Guest Agreement.

  • There is never a fee for guests and can stay as long as they need to, as often as needed.